Lake Orion Veterinary Hospital is a full-service healthcare provider for dogs and cats.

Since fast test results are critical to a patient’s diagnosis and recovery, we have an in-house laboratory capable of many tests for both routine and critical situations. We also use a reference laboratory, who can perform more diverse tests.

We are serious about surgical safety at Lake Orion Veterinary Hospital. We use pre-anesthetic bloodwork, intravenous fluid therapy, and heated blankets during anesthesia to prevent complications. We also monitor your pet’s heart rate, heart rhythm, oxygen level, blood pressure, and body temperature while they are under anesthesia. All surgical patients are monitored by our compassionate staff during recovery in a climate controlled kennel. Surgery quotes include the cost of pain medications and any post-operative check-ups.

Our passionate Licensed Veterinary Technicians perform dental cleaning procedures and take dental x-rays while patients are anesthetized. Then, Dr. Morris examines each dental patient’s mouth and performs any additional procedures. We take maximum precautions for every dental patient, as with any patient undergoing anesthesia.

Our x-ray machine is always standing by to help our veterinarians see the whole picture.

We stock a wide variety of medications and therapeutic diets for your convenience and your pet’s comfort.