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Help us get to know you! Filling out this form ahead of time helps us focus on your pet during your appointment.

Online Pharmacy
Our on-site pharmacy has all the products we commonly use and prescribe for most medical conditions.  Once in a while, though, a pet needs a medication we don’t have on the shelf.  That’s where our on-line pharmacy steps in!  Unlike many on-line pharmacies, you can be assured that all the protections of Michigan’s pharmacy laws are honored when you use our on-line option. You don’t have to worry about counterfeit products, or getting product that was made in another country. 

We also recommend our on-line pharmacy option for our snowbirds, and for those who would like the prescription diets delivered at their home address.  Read more here.

Care Credit Application
We offer CareCredit & ScratchPay as options to finance your veterinary costs.

Veterinary Partner
Information about healthcare can be daunting, so we recommend you try a Lake Orion Veterinary Hospital-trusted source!

BluePearl Veterinary Partners
BluePearl is the closest emergency hospital to Lake Orion Veterinary Hospital. If you have a veterinary emergency during non-business hours, call them right away.

Michigan Licensed Wildlife Rehabilitators
If you find a wild animal needing assistance, please call a licensed rehabilitator before you move or handle the animal.