You’re going to like this!


LOVH is pleased to add home delivery to our many services.  You can now go on-line and order the products you need, and have them delivered at home. You can even have your pet’s prescriptions refilled! We’re thrilled about this, because so many people like the convenience of an on-line pharmacy, but finding one that is reputable is not easy! It’s really easy–if you are asking for a prescription refill, it has to be approved by Dr. M, for your pet’s safety. Imagine that! That’s just how we do it, if you walk through our door to have prescriptions filled! As soon as he approves it, it is sent right to you.

This is also a great option for some of the pet food products. It will also give you an expanded selection of nutritional products, treats, and flea and tick products that we don’t carry in our “brick & mortar” location, simply because we have limited space for inventory. (I can’t even believe I’m saying that, after our move….”limited space”….wow!)

As always, we strive to offer you all the service you need for your pets.  What services would you like to see added to this incredible line-up?

  • Preventative Medicine
    • Pre-pet counseling to help you choose the right pet for your family
    • Puppy & Kitten Wellness Packages
    • Senior Wellness Packages
    • Nutrition Counseling & Fitness Goals
  • Diagnostics
    • In house laboratory with the latest technology
    • Radiology
    • Ultrasound
  • Surgery
    • Advanced anesthetic techniques
    • Complete cardiac monitoring
  • Dental Services
    • Dental Cleaning
    • Extractions
    • Digital Dental Radiography
  • Palliative Care
  • Euthanasia, Cremation and Burial Services
  • House calls by appointment

Into the “Smart Phone” Age!

We’re taking the leap into the age of the smart phone.  Today’s pet owners are busy, mobile people, and we’re adding services to make that life-style a little easier on you and your pet.

First off, we’re pleased to be adding VetSource, our very own “on-line pharmacy”.  Our concerns with other on-line pharmacies have been numerous, as so many of them have been investigated, charged, and prosecuted for breaking pharmacy law in many states.  Our first concern is patient safety, and we aren’t willing to give up on that!  VetSource is going to allow us to watch over the medications being dispensed for your pet, and that helps us help you! 

We’re also adding a service called E-Pet Health.  Through E-Pet Health, you can access certain parts of your pets information through a pet portal you establish.  To do this, we have to have your e-mail address, so if we don’t have it, call us!  Better yet, e-mail US at!  We’ll get your file updated with the e-mail address, and then you can log on to create your very own pet portal.  

Once you have the pet portal, you can check vaccine status, when your pet last had lab work performed, what medications have been prescribed, etc.  You can request prescription refills or an appointment time.  You can even receive vaccine reminders via text message or e-mail, if you’d like!

We’re getting some wrinkles ironed out, but should have all of this up and running by Monday, May 18!  Woohoo!