Your Pet & Covid-19

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Veterinary Medicine, when it formed as an actual profession in the 1800s, was to protect public health, protecting humans from disease by eliminating disease in “food animals”. Today, we view animals very differently, as family members, beloved companions, and “fur-babies”. Public health is still a concern for us, though. We vaccinate pets against diseases, not only to protect THEM, but also to protect YOU!

Our first commitment at LOVH has always been to protect the health and enrich the lives of humans, by securing the blessings to be had from pet ownership and the human bond to animals.

Suggestions & Assurances for our LOVH family during COVID-19

  • According to the information currently available, your dog cannot contract COVID-19. There is a corona virus that dogs and cats can get, but it is not COVID-19, and it is not transmissible to humans.
  • Stay home if you are sick or immune-compromised.
  • DO NOT put the health of your pet out of your mind, at this time. Remember to use monthly heartworm preventatives, and flea and tick preventatives. Fighting a flea infestation is NOT what you want to be doing during a quarantine, and mosquitoes don’t honor quarantines at all, so your pets are as “at risk” as ever!
  • Continue to exercise your dog and get fresh air with them every day. Play games with them. Invent new, safe toys for them. Watch some training videos and learn some new tricks together! Boredom is the greatest cause of behavior problems. (This is true in humans AND in animals!) Teach your kids to teach them tricks, too!
  • Use VetSource! We have our own on-line veterinary pharmacy ( to get your pet’s medications and prescription diets delivered to your door.
  • Check our web site often for pet related updates.
  • If you do need to come to the clinic for products, medications, etc, and do not want to come in, we can deliver the product to you, curbside, and process a credit card transaction in the parking lot.
  • If you need to bring your pet in, and are concerned about exposure, we can bring you in through our back door and limit (to one or two) the number of people you interact with during your visit. We will wear masks and gloves if, requested.

If you have questions, or have any special need we haven’t addressed in this letter, please give us a call. We will do whatever we can to meet your special need.

Wishing you abundant health and peace,

The Doctors and team members of Lake Orion Veterinary Hospital