Sharing space with a shoe store, Lake Orion Veterinary Hospital begins.
Sharing space with a shoe store, Lake Orion Veterinary Hospital begins.  We’ve come a long way!

Lake Orion Veterinary Hospital began in 1954 in a little house on Flint Street. Dr. Richard McNeil established the hospital where he cared for pets and their people for over 50 years. Dr. McNeil’s care has been summarized with one word: “compassion.”

Dr. McNeil asked that compassion always be remembered when Dr. Kevin Morris purchased the hospital in 2000. He wanted Dr. Morris to modernize while maintaining deep concern for his patients and clients. Today, we strive to provide the best possible medical service while serving as your compassionate home-town veterinary hospital.

Dr. Morris practiced at the Flint Street location for 14 years, but had to relocate due to too many happy patients! In June of 2014, LOVH moved to its current location, and in June of 2019, we welcomed Dr. Ura Barton as our Associate DVM.

The staff at LOVH is passionate about partnering with you in caring for your pet. We know that they are an important part of your family and that your time is precious. We are here to support you in your special role as a pet owner. We hope you experience all the love, confidence, and joy that can come from pet ownership.